8 Fun Zodiac Themed Games for the Best Party Ever!

Do zodiac signs, their symbolism, and other zodiac-related factors dominate your life and conversations? Well, there is no better way to have fun with zodiacs than through a zodiac-themed game. Zodiac-themed games are a great way to learn more about your zodiac sign while having fun with your friends and family.

Adopting zodiac-themed decorations also adds to the fun and vibe of the party. You could hang some glowing stars, use a moon lamp, or project constellations on a wall. Turn a pooping party into a popping party with 1 simple trick: a unique, zodiac-themed party game!

This guide is especially helpful when you’re running out of party game ideas. LOL!

Truth or Astrology Trivia

Truth or Astrology Trivia is very much like Truth or Dare, with a few exceptions. Instead of a random truth or dare, you get to share your favorite song from Taylor Swift’s album Folklore or the truth about who you are crushing on or answer a tricky trivia question. This zodiac game reveals who knows more about astrology.

Zodiac Sign Scavenger Hunt

The game begins with one person naming a sign, and then everyone moves about their location, looking for an item that symbolizes the sign’s element. The scavenger hunt is directed more towards elements of zodiac signs than personality traits. Whoever makes it back first with a relevant item to the mentioned zodiac wins.

Constellation Cartoons

You will need a pen, paper, and a word generator for everyone playing. To play the zodiac-themed game, put in names of constellations in the word generator, then draw it on your piece of paper. Show the rest of the group and whoever can name the constellation wins the round.

Walking the Cosmic Carpet

You probably feel like you know everything about your favorite celebrity’s zodiac, right? This game tests the truths you know about your favorite people on the red carpet. The game involves role-playing a red carpet premiere, which means there should be a host and celebrities walking the carpet. Once the host introduces the celebrity, players have to make a ‘buzz’ sound to reveal the celebrity’s zodiac sign. The fastest player with the correct answer wins and gets more points.

Star Sign Charades

All zodiac signs are unique and can be easily identified by their element, colors, passions, and personality traits. After dividing your friends into groups, pick a representative to act out a star sign as members of the group try to guess what sign it is. Each act has a one-minute guessing time limit to keep things interesting.

Cooking Gone Cosmic

This zodiac-themed game is perfect if you have a friend who stays far away, and you are likely to cook as you facetime with them. Adding a game of zodiac to the cooking will definitely give it a cosmic twist. Everyone should get ready with their ingredients for cupcakes, for example. As you chat up and cook, the idea is to present your dish with or in a cosmic design. Later, you rate the designs and pick a winner as you enjoy the food.


Just like the moon goes through phases, so do you. Phases is an astrology zodiac game intends to take you back through your past experiences such as birthday parties and memories to relive them. To prepare for the game, everyone needs to prepare some old photos. When it is your turn, use the images to share an old story. It may get a little teary!

The Perfect Planet

The Perfect Planet is perfect for people who enjoy imaginative astrology zodiac games. Everyone gets the opportunity to create the ideal planet based on their zodiac sign. Your planet may be splashed with bold fashion pieces if you are a Taurus. The game has no creative limitations, just a time limitation. You get five minutes to go crazy with your planet construction.

These astrology zodiac games, though not conclusive, are bound to turn around your party into a popping event and take it to the next level. This guide is especially handy when looking to spice up party games for zodiac people. Treat your star-studded friends today to a zodiac-themed game that they are bound to be thrilled about.