Best Apps for Astrology On-The-Go!

Astrology is an insightful and wonderful world that can otherwise become overwhelming. You probably know and understand your sun sign and that of your best friend; however, reading stars involves a lot more than finding an appropriate love match. Studying astrology is much deeper hence making astrology apps a helpful resource. They help you navigate the astrology space and dive deeper into the intricate meanings of astrology sun and star signs.

Here are some of the best on-the-go Astrology apps:

Astrology Zone

Astrology Zone is a resource created by Susan Miller, one of the best-known astrology names. It has a free version that offers a fantastic user experience for people looking to read their astrology on a mobile device. Users get access to daily readings for all the signs and Miller’s monthly horoscopes. You can also access current, past, and future readings and have a detailed monthly analysis. For $5 a month, premium users enjoy much for functionality, such as a library of Miller’s essays explaining the importance of planetary movement, a list of important dates, and an informative ‘Learn Astrology’ segment.

The Pattern

The Pattern presents as a social network that enables friends to connect through a platform that offers a better understanding of how horoscopes affect their relationship. Renowned for being surprisingly accurate, celebrities such as Channing Tatum have raved about the app’s precision. The app helps users run a relationship analysis even with people who aren’t on the app by entering their information. Users should expect insights on their life, down-to-earth language on three main aspects; development, foundation, and relationships.


The app was launched by Banu Guler, a fashion industry alum with Anna Koop and Ben Weitzman in 2017. It has an attractive interface that is easy to use, making checking your horoscope a pleasant experience. The app supposedly can trace the universe’s alignment the exact minute you were born, offer personality analysis, and give you insight into your flaws and strengths. The app debuted as a frank site that doesn’t sugarcoat content for its users. The app has a social element featured as daily fortune cookie tidbits.

Time Nomad

The Time Nomad is a free app with various options such as sidereal and tropical zodiacs and the opportunity for users to optimize their schedules around the solar system alignment. It is perfect for people who are starting their astrology journey since it has a back-to-basics approach. It helps users learn various aspects of astrology from the basics and moves to more advanced topics to take you to the next level. It has visual learning aids such as heptagrams, an illustration of planetary and solar movements organized by the hour and day of the week.


Sanctuary is a unique app that works best with human interaction. It offers access to astrologers who can answer any questions you may have and helpful insight. A monthly subscription goes for $20, including a 15-minute live reading. In this session, you get to interact with an astrologer via chat and the option to dive deeper into various areas of your life. The app is fun and lively, with plenty of jokes, GIFs, and emojis.

Daily Horoscope

This is a free astrology app that offers insights to beginners. Some of its outstanding features include daily horoscopes, compatibility between two signs, and Chinese zodiacs. The app provides users the flexibility to adjust the interface settings such as font, colors, themes, and other settings. Users have the ability to curate their own experiences to suit their needs. It also has push notifications that keep you up to date with your daily readings.

Each of the apps we have reviewed has outstanding features that make it more fun, functional, or simple to use. Depending on where you are with your astrology journey, these apps will offer strengths and weaknesses that may appeal to you differently. Enjoy astrology on the go today with these astrology applications.