Mobile Legends Zodiac Skin—Yay or Nay?

Mobile Legend Zodiac Skins

With eSports on the rise, along came the fame of the now most-played competitive MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)—Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! With a whopping 75 Million players worldwide, its awesome graphics and fluid controls are addicting. Yes, to a certain degree! Mobile Legends is not only known for it’s community, but also for it’s fabulous art and hero skins. One of the rarest and the most crazy-galaxy beautiful is the Zodiac Line. Check ’em out!

Here are the Mobile Legend Zodiac Skins that are available; each skin can be found according to the months of the year.


Aurora was released in January. She is a frost oracle that can freeze enemies and deal a massive amount of damage. Aurora is an extraordinary character. You can buy the Aurora skin for 24,000 gold and 499 diamonds.


The Lancelot skin was released in February. He is an assassin with which could be purchased in February. He is the perfect assassin with high agility and the ability to make quick escapes. While Lancelot had grown up in a royal family, he became accustomed to the people’s praises. He has an amazing talent for fencing which brought him numerous fans. Lancelot costs 32 000 gold and 599 diamonds.


Hilda could be purchased in March for the price of 24 000 gold and 499 diamonds. Hilda had a rough childhood which also gave her the ability to fight. Hilda had to learn how to fight and gain food from different sources other than the land.


Minotaur can be purchased in April for as little as 15 000 gold and 399 diamonds. Minotaur was abandoned by his parents at a young age, this life for him was not easy because he had no idea who he was. This led him to lead a life of fighting. he would go out in search of people to fight.


Next, we have Selena who can be purchased in May. Selena possesses two different forms. Selena was sacrificed to the Shadow abyss which is set to hold demons and a devil who will devour any soul. In the abyss, the demons were trying to hurt her but her skin started to glow blue and she was able to get out of their clutches. Selena can be purchased for 32 000 gold and 599 diamonds.


Zhask who feeds, destroys, and conquers can be bought for 32 000 gold and 599 diamonds can be purchased in June. Zhask had an army who followed him, they would appear all around the world and destroy anything in their path. Zhask knew that this world was being destroyed and he knew what he needed to do to protect himself and his army.


Badang can be purchased in July for 32 000 gold and 599 diamonds along with 150 puzzle pieces. Badang was part of a small fishing village and it is said that he would lift a kart full of firewood. Badang fights beasts who are known to terrorize his village.


Odette can be purchased in August. Odette is a swan princess because when she was born all the swans from the lake came to the castle to pay their respects. Odette is known to have a contagious smile and is considered a Goddess in human form.


Lunox is known as the Twilight Goddess. She is a mage who is able to pull all the heroes into her dreamland. However, she also has a dark and twisted power to her. Lunox can be purchased in September for 32 000 gold snd 599 diamonds


Helcurt only comes out at night and it is when he terrorizes and kills people. He feels no remorse. He belongs to a race of people who have given themselves to the abyss and thus are given powers to swallow the light and travel through space. Helcurt comes out in October for 32,000 gold and 599 diamonds.


Irithel can be purchased for 32 000 gold and 599 diamonds in November. She is able to shoot her crossbow accurately even while on the move. She was abandoned in the jungle as a child and was adopted by a smilodon, thus she grew up more like a wild animal.


Martis can be purchase for 32 000 gold and 599 diamonds in December. Martis has trained hard to get to where he is today. He advanced through the worlds to get to the final world with great difficulty, fighting off legions of demons.

Which Zodiac Skin is the best?

Many believe the best Zodiac skin belongs to Odette, the Swan Princess. She rates a movement speed of 240, while her physical attack number is 105. While all the skins have their pluses and minuses, Odette would be a great skin to start with!

Mobile Legends Skins make this game more fun and entertaining and be sure to watch out for your next purchase!

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