Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands

The gaming world is going crazy over Monster Galaxy Zodiac Islands. This game is loved, For its epic music which was actually composed by Jeremy Soule, the same person who composed Skyrim’s theme song, to its unique and creative mogas. If you are a Pokemon fan, as well as a Zodiac geek, then scratch that itch with this super cute and fun mobile game—Monster Galaxy: Zodiac Islands. Available in Android and IOS, Monster Galaxy: Zodiac Island is a game where you can collect and train “Mogas,” do conquest and turn-based battles, as well as enjoy a cute and humorous story. See our review below because this game is definitely a must download and must try! And in this article, we are gonna go over everything from where to download Zodiac Islands to how are its reviews.


Monster Galaxy Zodiac Islands have a storyline that can best be understood by comparing it to Pokemon. But the Zodiac Island reviews show that players like it even more than Pokemon when it comes to its mogas. Aside from having strengths and weaknesses, a game-changer function is its zodiac attacks. Zodiac attacks have their own strengths and weaknesses, and their effectiveness is made to show the real zodiac signs, but you have to tap the screen repeatedly to charge the zodiac sign for the attack. Mogas are also plentiful, you probably won’t run out of mogas to catch and every one of them is unique.


Just like Pokemon, you are the Moga trainer and you capture the mogas (the equivalent of Pokemon) and fight with them either throughout the storyline or wherever in the monster universe Zodiac Islands that you want. There are quite a few islands out there. The Aries, Gemini, Cancer, and Taurus islands all allow you to select locations on them to play and fight using your mogas, outside the storyline. This will also allow you to capture more mogas and learn their strengths and weaknesses before entering the storyline. This is also one of the most notable features, mentioned in the Zodiac Islands reviews.


Try to capture as many mogas as you can to level up. Having more and more mogas will allow you to increase their levels for different attacks as well. And sometimes, one Moga is just the best one to attack another, so just in case, have a lot of them around. When trying to capture mogas, attack with any of your mogas that is at least 5 levels higher, this way you won’t struggle in the capture or kill scenario. You have blue coffees and they can be used to recharge your player’s energy or the Moga’s health. Since the Moga’s will recharge automatically when you level up, use your blue coffees to recharge your player’s energy.


Monster Galaxy Zodiac Islands is currently available for Android and IOS. You download the android version through the Amazon AppStore and the IOS version from the Apple store. The game is completely free to download, but you have the option to purchase mogas and Moga cash to fast forward through the game by Sta, Master Starseed, and blue coffee. You can also see the Zodiac Islands Reviews on both app stores.


The game is based on the original Monster Galaxy, but the Zodiac Islands’ addition has made it more fun and popular. Gaia Interactive is an American company based in California, They’ve won Time magazine’s 50 best websites and mashable’s best user experience awards. Gaia has its own currency as well. Gaia cash can be used to purchase anything in the Gaia shop. You can also trade your collectibles or anything else you’ve bought, through the forum. While they have made Monster Galaxy Zodiac Islands available to download and play for free, there is a Pay to win element in it as well, because users can buy Mogas and blue coffees inside the app to advance them in the game.


You can find Zodiac Islands reviews on Amazon AppStore and Apple Store who have played it, and numerous forums and game review websites online from professional game reviewers. While reviews vary from user to user, experiences are generally positive and the average score on the Apple store is 4.7 stars. Users seem to love the fact that there are over 130 mogas to collect and play with. “The artwork is fantastic,” said one user in the Amazon app store, some users are saying that they would have even purchased the game if it cost money. The zodiac signs feature is also very popular among the reviews with people wanting to use their own zodiac signs to attack during the game. One user has compared Zodiac Islands’ master Starseed to Pokemon’s Pokeball and has loved the feature to be able to give monsters a nickname.

Monster Galaxy Zodiac Islands is a wonderful game overall. You’ll have a great time capturing monsters. Based on Zodiac Islands’ reviews, you’ll enjoy the Zodiac sign attack and you’re encouraged to create your own real-life Zodiac sign more powerful in the game. My rating for this game is 5 stars out of 5. A lot of people don’t know where to download Zodiac Islands for android because they are looking in the google play store, while the Android version is available for free on amazon.