Must-Have E-Books for The Zodiac Geek

People have been looking to the skies for guidance for generations. Historians have determined that we have been tracing star patterns for about 3,500 years. If you are someone who is interested in learning more about the Zodiac and how it relates to you, this is a great place to start.

For Beginners

  • Astrology for Yourself: How to Understand And Interpret Your Own Birth Chart (Douglas Bloch & Demetra George)This is an excellent book for people beginning their journey of knowledge about the Zodiac. Filled with self-directed exercises designed to teach you common vocabulary and scientific methods used in astrology, this book promises to give you the skills needed to write and interpret your birth chart.
  • Astrology For The Soul (Jan Spiller)Written by an author acclaimed for their work in the field, this book receives praise for a distinct interpretation of the signs, while still being accessible to new and aspiring astrologers. Spiller’s guide to interpretation from the north node of the moon provides a look into your future like no other.
  • The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology (April Elliott Kent)This book branches out from the idea that everything in the cosmos is connected. With this in mind it takes a lighthearted and engaging approach to understanding how the Zodiac has impacted your life, and how it will continue to do so. It also contains practical guides for making short and long term goals.

A Deeper Dive

  • Aspects In Astrology (Sue Tompkins)As a core textbook in London’s Faculty Of Astrological Studies, this book in essential to understand the relationships between the stars and the planets. It utilizes actual birth charts to explain how the planetary relationships intersect individuals and their destiny, with comprehensive interpretations for every planetary combination.
  • The Twelve Houses (Howard Sasportas)The idea of ‘houses’ in the spectrum of the zodiac is one that occurs frequently. How do they relate to the on-goings of life, and how do they relate to each other? This book does a great job of giving definition to each, as well as taking a look at the subtle interpretations of how they interact.
  • Astrological Insights Into Personality (Betty Lundsted)This book takes a look at both astrological interpretations, but also how they relate to personality. It takes into consideration the perspective of how the natal chart relates to planetary alignment with regards to how one’s personality is formed. Blending psychology with the Zodiac, it helps to give a better look at how identity can be both from the skies and a result of our upbringing.

An Advanced Look

  • Predictive Astrology: The Eagle And The Lark (Bernadette Brady)Can the Zodiac be used to predict the future? The location of the planets and the stars when you were born as compared to where they are today can help to guide predictions for the future. The techniques described in this book have been called groundbreaking by astrological scholars due to the author’s way of taking complex mathematical equations and describing them in layman’s terms.
  • Cosmos And Psyche (Richard Tarmas)With the subtitle of ‘Intimations of a New World View’ this book takes a deep look into the relationship between cosmic patterns and characteristics of human behavior. Tarnas draws many conclusions about major world events, based on the alignment of the Zodiac at the time, and sites renowned philosophers to build his argument. His descriptions about how large chunks of time and the events of them make for a very intriguing read.
  • You Were Born For This (Chani Nicholas)One of the newest books on this list (published in 2020), Nicholas takes a look at the Zodiac from a self-acceptance perspective. Using your birth chart as a blueprint to explain how you behave, and how you can adapt to get past the obstacles that you face. This radical approach to sky interpretation has been widely acclaimed in the astrological world, as the perspective of looking inward for acceptance seems to resonate with people.

In conclusion, this list is just a guide. A wonderful place to start your astrological journey. Take the information you receive from these authors and it them guide you as you explore your place in the universe.