Tabletop Zodiac Tarot Cards To Spice Up Divination

Using Tabletop Zodiac Tarot Cards To Spice Up Divination

We believe in the power of Zodiac Signs—it’s like a mirror of our own essence, our own soul. If you’re into divination, you must know by now that each Zodiac sign has its own representation in the Tarot Card Major Arcana’s. Look at these beautiful Zodiac tarot cards fit for your Zodiac sign!

Retro Zodiac Tarot Cards

Wonderful Zodiac Fortune Telling Cards – $13.58/
By Small Monsters

These oracle cards have a vintage feel, and they make divination easy to access. They were inspired by the 1930s deck by Harry Ingalls and bring that same sense of mystery and fun as the Zoltar Machine on Playland’s Boardwalk (from the movie, Big.)

You’ll find many ways to use these cards tied to your Zodiac sign, such as lucky numbers, wish prediction, etc. Impress your friends by predicting their futures!

Capricorns and Cancerians particularly respond to this deck because they treasure anything retro.

Highest Rated Zodiac Astrology Cards of 2020

ASTROL-OG: The Deck – $45.00/

These handmade cards were created by Krystal Banner of Kaleidadope. Quite popular, this deck has been awarded the NSS 2020 Best New Product (Lifestyle).

This gorgeous 48-card astrological deck can be used as an oracle in various ways. The cards are broken up into four categories which include 1) the Zodiac; 2) the Planets/Cosmos; 3) the Aspects of your Zodiac sign; and 4) the different Houses in your astrological wheel. It also comes with a comprehensive accordion-folded instruction guide.

These cards are a wonderful way to learn more about yourself by using these with your natal chart. You can then further your study to learn how to understand current transits so you can discover your best times to gamble or go on a date!

The vibrant colors and symbology, along with the golden gilt edges, especially appeal to Aries and Leos.

Zodiac Tarot Cards with Breathtaking Artwork

(Perfect for those born under Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces):

Barbieri Zodiac Oracle Cards – $16.16/
Guide written by Barbara Moore, Illustrations by Paolo Barbiere

One of Italy’s most famous artists, Paolo Barbiere, illustrated these Zodiac tarot cards using gorgeous human fantasy images as the symbols of each of the 12 signs. He also includes the 10 astrological planets (as well as the sun and the moon). Lastly, he features the four elements (air, water, fire and earth) portrayed exclusively by females.

Users of this deck speak to the incredible energy that seems to jump off the table and delight in its accuracy.

Barbara Moore’s accompanying booklet shares that this oracle incorporates not only the wisdom of astrology, but the aspect of synchronicity to divine guidance easily and quickly.

Astrological Oracle Cards – $17.62/
By Lunaea Weatherstone, author, and the artist Antonio Castelli

This Art Nouveau-style 22-card deck was created by the infamous Lunaea Weatherstone – a Pagan priestess, writer, teacher, and tarot counselor who has worked with tarot for over 40 years. This spectacular oracle features 12 Zodiac cards and 10 planet cards. Many have commented that this deck is a wonderful way to familiarize yourself with elemental astrology in an approachable manner.

You’ll discover extraordinary insights into your past, your present, and your future with these cards that will reveal your character traits, hidden motivations, inner strengths, etc.

The words, “luxurious” and “spectacular” are repeatedly mentioned in reviews, and they are considered a “must-have” for collectors.

Best Tarot Cards Based on Zodiac Sign

Lagoon Zodiac Signs Trivia Cards – $10.99/

These delightfully fun cards will teach you everything you need to know about your sign. They come in all 12 Zodiac signs and each deck includes an interactive constellation map. These will provide you and your friends with hours of enchantment and fascination.

One of the best uses of these cards for tarot is to shuffle the deck, lay them face down on a table before you, and fan them out. Rub your hands together until they start to tingle and then hover one hand over the cards until one seems to call out to you. Turn that card over to learn what aspect of your sign will be directing your day!

These entertaining cards pulsate well with those born under the signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius.