Zodiacs: Gems and Red Flags

Zodiac signs have become a huge trend recently, especially over social media. You may have even noticed that people who have birthdays closer to yours might share similar personality traits with you. While this might all seem a little too superstitious at a first glance, these similarities do have a lot to do with your zodiac sign. Whether you’re a bubbly Gemini, emotional Cancer or stern Capricorn, each zodiac sign has its own set of personality traits.

Knowing about your specific zodiac sign’s traits will help you to understand yourself as well as other people better. It will also help you to grow as a person and build stronger relationships.

So, without further ado, here are some of the good and bad qualities involved in each zodiac sign:


Strengths: People who fall under Aries are usually forever young at heart and show great enthusiasm in focusing on the finer things in life. They possess dominance and leadership almost everywhere they go which further helps them to become more prosperous as the years go by. They are often very straightforward and have no filter when it comes to things that they’re passionate about.

Weaknesses: Even though an Aries always strives to be the best person that they can be, they are often considered to be too conceited. Aries are known to turn all attention towards themselves and they often seek validation as well. If an Aries ego is bruised, all hell might break loose.


Strengths: People who fall under the Taurus zodiac sign are usually seen as rational, ambitious and loyal. They are great making commitments and sticking to them, which makes them a good candidate for a long-term relationship.

Weaknesses: Taurus people are very stubborn and find it difficult to take advice which is both good and bad for personal growth. They also hate when plans don’t go according to their expectations.


Strengths: Gemini’s love to show off their bubbly, charismatic personality. They’re great at socializing and taking their loved ones on an adventure of a lifetime. They are also said to be very intelligent, witty and innovative.

Weaknesses: Gemini, the twin sign always seems to be labelled as two-faced. But this isn’t because they are disloyal, it is only because of their indecisive personality. Geminis also tend to switch up on people and expose them if they feel that they’ve been betrayed. This makes it difficult for other zodiac signs to trust them as well.


Strengths: Cancerians are very sensitive and understanding. They’re one of the most compassionate signs on the zodiac. They always aim to please their loved ones and ensure that they feel loved and cared for.

Weaknesses: Even though sensitivity can be seen as a good trait, Cancerians are sometimes a little too sensitive. Small things seem to affect their mood very easily. They also tend to be passive aggressive, which can be extremely bad for relationships.


Strengths: Leos are very passionate and romantic. Their personality can light up an entire room. They make friends easily and make great leaders as well as lovers.

Weaknesses: Leos are always hungry for attention. They crave it in order to boost their ego. Their constant need for validation can be a major turn off.


Strengths: Virgos are practical thinkers. They also have an eye for detail, which ensures that everything in their life is exactly how they want it to be. They are also very perseverant and ambitious.

Weaknesses: Virgos are perfectionists, and this can also lead to their downfall. Their constant need for perfection can cause them to over criticize others whose minds don’t work in the same way. This can hurt other’s feelings.


Strengths: Libras are great at making meaningful connections with almost anyone. They choose their words wisely which makes them very charming. They are also very selfless.

Weaknesses: Being a people pleaser has its perks, but it could be detrimental for a Libra. Constantly bending over backwards for others can cause ones back to break for good.


Strengths: Scorpios are extremely passionate about everything that they do. They always try to keep things interesting, especially when things start to get monotonous.

Weaknesses: Scorpios tend to get bored easily, which makes other zodiac signs see them as disloyal. Since a Scorpio always follows their current passions and desires, they’re often not seen as the best candidates for a long-term relationship.


Strengths: Sagittarians are free thinkers. They’re very opinionated individuals who express their views and philosophies openly. They hold great conversations and always look at the optimistic side of things. They are continuously searching for knowledge.

Weaknesses: Sagittarians are usually seen as a little too deep and serious, which causes people to misunderstand them. They are also very impatient, and this could cause them to unnecessarily lash out at zodiac signs which are more easy going.


Strengths: Capricorns are strictly disciplined and committed to their own personal growth. They strive to accomplish both their personal and professional goals.

Weaknesses: Capricorns are also very reserved and restrictive. This makes them seem too bossy, controlling, and selfish. Their high standards also cause them to appear as stuck up or difficult to please.


Strengths: Aquarians are free-spirited individuals. They create their own opinions and perceptions of the world and flow freely with it as well. Their intuitive nature also helps them to read people well.

Weaknesses: Aquarians are usually very complex which makes their minds difficult to read or understand. They also tend to have an unpredictable nature, which makes them a little annoying to deal with at times.


Strengths: Pisces are one of the wisest signs on the zodiac. They’re great at nurturing relationships and creating an environment that can feel safe and warm for others.

Weaknesses: Pisces love too hard and this causes them to lose themselves in a relationship. They expose too much vulnerability, and this can lead to others taking control of their lives for them. They also tend to live in their own bubble at times which makes them oblivious sometimes.